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A=10.5", B=5.562", C=3", D=4"
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A=10.5", B=5.562", C=3", D=4"

Designed for tractors with a 3" to 4" inlet. Outer diameter measures 10-1/2" at the top. Inner diameter of the cone measures 5-9/16" at the top. Side height measures 3". Overall height measures 4".
Products specifications
Any use of OEM part numbers is for reference only
Cross Reference Numbers TP-504, VAN109, A42467, C9NN9A663A, L28519, PF60037, R28795, VPD4107, 10P2754, 1018854M1, 1018854M91, B7464, S41398, 3910450S
Models AC, CI, CS, FD, JD, MM, OL, WH
Allis Chalmers: D21,170,175,180,185,190,190XT,200,210,220,6060,6070,6080,7000,7010,7020,7030,7040,7045,7050,7060G,L,L2,M,M2
Case: 970,1070,1090,1170,1175,1270,1370
Ford/New Holland: TW5,TW10,TW15,TW20,2310,2600,2610,2810,2910,3230,3430,3600,3610,3900,3910,3930,4110,4130,4600,4610,4630,4830,5000,5030,5110,5600,6450,5700,5900,6410,6600,6640,6700,6710,6810,7000,7100,7200,7410,7700,7710,7910,8000,8200,8210,8530,8600,8630
International/CaseIH: 1026,1206,1256,1456,21026,21256,21456,TD14,TD15,TD18
John Deere: 80,820,830,840,4000,4010,4020,4320,4520,4620,5010,5020,6030
Oliver: 1855,1955
White / Arbos: 8600,8800
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