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John Deere 2955 Tractor Engine, Mufflers, and Accessories
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Connecting Rod, Bolt To Fit John Deere® - NEW (Aftermarket)

21/8" Length
$2.36 incl tax $1.38 incl tax

Crankshaft, 6 Cylinder, Diesel To Fit John Deere® - NEW (Aftermarket)

With Gear, 6-303, 6-329, 6-359
$2,813.80 incl tax

Gasket, Cylinder Head To Fit John Deere® - NEW (Aftermarket)

Diesel, 6-329, 6-359, 6-359T Engines
$110.88 incl tax

Piston, Cylinder Kit To Fit John Deere® - NEW (Aftermarket)

3-179D, 4-239D, 6-359D, Low Ring
$142.40 incl tax $69.30 incl tax

Thermostat To Fit Miscellaneous® - NEW (Aftermarket)

180 Degree, 2 Required, 54mm Diameter
$14.85 incl tax